Learn How to Access Global Market Investments, Despite the 2017 World, Business and Financial Environments

Peter’s goal is to provide your clients and prospects with the highest possible Personalized Banking, Investment Services, Estate & Financial Planning tools, diversification and comprehensive management of their assets with the aid of highly competent and professional staff.

Peter will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of “offshore” banking as it pertains to the Financial Services industry while providing estate and financial planning ideas etc. He will speak about the CRA requirements for investing offshore while addressing terrorism and money laundering issues.  

In addition to the above, Peter will address briefly the banks relationship with Karlsberg International Insurance Corporation, a division of Caye International Bank Ltd.    

What you need to know about Caye International Bank – Not just your typical Bank!

"CAYE INTERNATIONAL BANK LIMITED (CIBL)" was granted an Unrestricted "A" Class International Banking License on September 29th, 2003 by the Central Bank of Belize. The regulatory authority is the Central Bank of Belize who set the standards for liquidity and capital adequacy. In fact, Caye International bank has a 24% liquidity rate so that new markets that are not accessible in North America can be accessed safely and efficiently.

Ethical Behavior and Business Integrity

The world of international banking may seem mysterious to some and conjure up concerns about illegal money laundering, but Caye International Bank is committed to conducting business with honesty and integrity that is above reproach. We strive to adhere to high ethical standards in all decisions we make, considering not only the letter of the relevant laws, rules and regulations, but also whether a decision or activity is consistent with our values. Our competitive advantage comes from superior performance rather than using unfair business practices.

Client Relationships

Trust, Integrity and Privacy We are committed to creating relationships with clients built on trust, getting to know your needs and banking habits so that we can give you the best service possible. Caye International Bank and its staff are committed to upholding client confidentiality and protecting client information. We will not disclose any information unless authorized by our clients and/or it is required by applicable laws or regulations. Your information is only shared internally with the appropriate Caye International Bank staff.

Preventing Money Laundering

Terrorist Financing and Corruption Caye International Bank and its staff are committed to assisting in the fight against money laundering, terrorism and corruption. We carry out money laundering prevention programs that seek to prevent, detect and report suspicions of money laundering, terrorism or any criminal activity. Our policy of knowing who our clients are helps us screen those with dishonest motives and means better, more personal service for our legitimate customers.


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Toll Free Phone 877 524-7121 Toll Free Fax - 866 277-4511  

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