Lenny R. Karmiol 

Lenny Karmiol, a native of Southwestern Ontario, has been recognized in various fields for his charismatic and articulate approach to connecting with his audience. For 15 years, Lenny’s audiences have included both public and professional groups across Canada, in the United States, Italy and Japan. 

Originally trained in sciences and then the law, Lenny was first impassioned by the Culinary arts.  Lenny was contracted by a variety of government agencies and private organizations to create and implement unique local and international programs. Highlights include being contracted by Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in 2001 and 2003 to represent Canada, to teach, to train and lead a group of Hospitality Industry Professionals and Chefs in Japan.  In this field, Lenny has educated the public at multiple venues and at hundreds of events, always bridging a knowledge-based theoretical approach with practical application. 

Over the past 8 years, Lenny has shifted his focus to the financial sector as a product developer, trainer and teacher to professionals, and as a public speaker. He has focused in particular on the structured product marketplace with products which include Structured Notes, Limited-Partnerships and unique Tax Strategies to name a few. In the professional seminar arena, Lenny always focuses on successfully bridging the gap between often complex products and a clear, straightforward delivery, providing successful sales strategies, product education and training.  

Whether speaking to a small intimate group or a large public audience, Lenny Karmiol always finds the most relevant connection with a group, shows them how to apply the topic to their own and their clients’ needs, and always aims to provide a clear recipe for success.