Monday September 18, 2023


BREAKOUT # 1 FROM 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM in Florentine C/D (Main meeting room)

The Impact of Living Benefits on the Financial Security of Your Clients. Presented by: Monica Fortney & Perry Wong CPA, CA - Sponsored by Combined Insurance

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

In this presentation, the advisor will learn how adding living benefits and supplemental insurance to their client's portfolio can positively impact their financial security of their clients and prospects.

Presentation Overview

Currently the Insurance Industry landscape is extremely limited. There is a vast variety of Life Insurance products from many insurance providers. However, there is very few choices available to financial advisors in the Living Benefit landscape. Most advisors are not actively offering disability due to income qualification issues, long waiting periods and occupational rating and restrictions. Critical illness insurance is primarily offered to young, healthy individuals with healthy family medical histories.

There is a real need for the new and innovative living benefit products that Combined Insurance can provide.

This presentation will address the following living benefit solutions:

* Accident and Sickness Insurance
* No Income Proof : No job required for coverage
* No waiting periods
* No occupational restrictions
* Issue age: 6 months to age 69
* Coverage to age 85
* Family coverage available : Protecting existing and future children
* Lump Sum Critical Illness Insurance
* Level cost of insurance 
* Lifetime coverage  (issue age 18 yrs to age 70)
* Partial payment for certain non-life-threatening cancers, with benefit eligibility available for a second condition.
* Cancer Care Insurance
* Preferred rating for individuals even if there is pre-existing condition of Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack or Diabetes 
* Family coverage available: Protecting existing and future children.

Introducing Monica Fortney, Regional Manager

Monica Fortney joined Combined insurance in April 2012 and has now over 11 years of experience in the Financial Services industry.  Based on her performance with the company she was able to fast track in her career as an independent contractor to a sales executive.

In her current role as agency director, she is responsible for developing and executing agency growth in both sales and acquisition. Monica manages a team of over 210 advisors from various provinces across Canada mainly in Ontario and British Columbia.

Under her leadership, the agency has achieved many milestones both in team sales and recruitment. Prior to joining the insurance industry, she completed her four-year mathematics degree at Nipissing University.

Introducing Perry Wong CPA, CA - Please refer to Perry's bio listed in his main stage presentation.
Monica Fortney

Perry Wong

BREAKOUT # 2 FROM 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM in Florentine B (Room behind stage)
Why People Don't Buy Insurance... and What to Do About It. Presented by Daniel Collison BA, CFP, TEP - Sponsored by Advice2Advisors

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

Getting basic life insurance in place is not necessarily the most thrilling thing your clients and prospects will ever do in their lives, but it can be one of the most important things that they will ever do in their life for many reasons.

In this presentation, the advisor will listen to Dan discuss why people DON'T want to talk about death, talk about estate planning, buy life insurance, or talk to you, the Insurance Advisor.

At the end of this session, the advisor will come away with a new vision consisting of concepts and solutions on how they can start the financial planning process that will lead to actionable results for the client or prospect.

Presentation Overview

In this session the advisor will learn:

* How to overcome death anxiety.
* How to overcome estate planning anxiety.
* How to create "symbolic immortality"
* How to turn insurance planning into risk management.
* How to ask the "right" questions that help your clients and prospects make better decisions. 

You will leave this session with a renewed focus and vigor towards satisfying your clients' needs and wants, while building a bigger & better business!
Daniel Collison, BA, CFP, TEP

BREAKOUT # 3 FROM 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM in Florentine C/D (Main meeting room)
Corporate Insurance Concepts: Insurance for Business Owners. Presented by Qayam Lalji BSc - Sponsored by iA Financial Group

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

In this presentation, the advisor will learn that life insurance solutions available for corporate business owners are fundamental to protecting their family, business interest and continuity. Business owners have the option of owning life insurance policies personally or inside of their corporation.

Presentation Overview

Qayam will discuss the advantages, disadvantages and benefits of corporate owned insurance vs individually owned policies as well as the different reasons corporations might require insurance coverage.

Qayam will address the following as it pertains to corporate insurance concepts:

* The CDA.
* Effects of the CDA on net estate values.
* Keyperson and Buy Sell insurance.
* A general look at taxation of corporate and individually owned policies.
* And more...

The use of case studies will be used during this presentation to illustrate the various concepts.

Introducing Qayam Lalji BSc Director of Sales, iA Financial Group, Ontario Individual Life

Qayam has been working in the insurance industry for over 21 years. He started with HB Group Insurance in 1997 after completing his BSc. in Mathematics and Economics.

In 2015 Qayam moved to iA as part of the Sales and Marketing Team as a Marketing Associate and now holds the role of Director of Sales, Ontario. His success is the result of a deep passion for protecting client's families, as well as their wealth and building strong relationships with the advisors he works with.

In his spare time Qayam enjoys playing soccer and hockey and most importantly, spending time with his family. He resides in downtown Toronto with his wife, Zubeen and two young children Ayanna and Qayz.
Mr. Qayam Lalji, BSc

BREAKOUT # 4 FROM 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM in Florentine B (Room behind stage)

How To Build, Operate And Transition To A Successful Advisory Practice In Today's Ever-Changing Environment. Presented by Chris Boyle - Sponsored by Legacy Financial Group Ltd.

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

As Advisors we all have challenges when dealing with our clients and prospects. More and more is expected of us than ever before. How do we keep up with these challenges?

In this presentation, the advisor will learn how to create a better work life balance, build and grow a sustainable practice and find options on how to maximize the benefit when they decide to transition or sell their practice.

Presentation Overview

Clients often develop strong bonds with their financial advisors because of the personal nature of the information they share. However, there may come a time when a longstanding advisor is considering a handoff of their clients to a colleague, as they prepare to enter the next phase of their life... retirement or stepping back from the business they built as they consider succession planning for their block of business.

This can cause anxiety for clients, who may be wondering how to rebuild that same rapport and trust with a different advisor or company.

Customer relationships trump marginal profits and savings differentials more often than not. If a financial services advisor or company wants to maintain a more predictable revenue stream that will bring the best return for their years spent building their businesses, it must have a solid succession planning system in place.

In this session, Chris will address the following issues:

* Challenges the Industry is Facing
* Challenges Advisors Face
* What makes your business valuable for sale or transition?
* How you can build a more profitable practice and how partnering with Legacy Financial Group LTD can help you.

Introducing Chris Boyle

Chris Boyle is Founder and CEO of Legacy Financial Group LTD. He has over 16 years experience in the financial services industry including insurance, public and private markets, and also was as a compliance officer for a private equity firm.

Through his experience he realized that the financial services industry in Canada needs some disruption.

Legacy Financial Group LTD is a company that is changing the experience both clients and advisors have in our industry. This includes increased transparency, compliance shift and work/life balance to name a few.

Chris is a father of 3 girls and is a sports fan and love to cook.
Mr. Chris Boyle


BREAKOUT # 5 FROM 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM in Florentine C/D (Main meeting room)


The Van and Jim Hot Seat!
The Van and Jim Advisor Development Hotseat - 100 Years at 100 Degrees. Presented by Jim Ruta BA RHU EPC & Van Mueller LUTCF, LACP- Sponsored by Advisorcraft Media & SOLIS

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

In this presentation, the advisor can take advantage of over 100 years of high-end business experience all around the world to make you and your business shine brighter and become more profitable in the process.

This is a follow up segment from the morning and is dedicated to helping you develop the most important part of your business, building your estate, financial and retirement planning processes with your clients and prospects.

Presentation Overview

Jim and Van will answer these questions for you:

* Do you have some pressing practice management questions you want answered?
* Do you have a business idea on which you'd like to get a professional opinion - say from one of the world's top agents and his coach?
* Maybe you aren't doing all you want to, and you'd like an idea on getting unstuck? Are you a little short of new people to talk to?
* Would you like to know how to mine your existing book of business so you can help more people?
* Would you like to polish up your insurance portfolio review process?
* Are you looking for a sure-fire way to get centers-of-influence to work for you?
* Would you like to know how a concept approach to your business can elevate your results?
* Is there anything at all that's bugging you and holding you back?

You're in luck. Van Mueller and Jim Ruta will be on the Hotseat in Las Vegas answering all your questions at their expense? For FREE! Join us.
Mr. Van Muller, LUTCF, LACP Mr. Jim Ruta, BA, RHU, EPC
BREAKOUT # 6 FROM 4:00 PM - 5:00PM in Florentine B (Room behind stage)
Creating Extraordinary Wealth For Ordinary People. Double Insurance Sales By Attracting Real Estate Investors? Presented by Christian Dy B.Sc, B.Ed, MA, MBA - Sponsored by Latitude West Financial

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

Buying and owning real estate is an investment strategy that can be both satisfying and lucrative, but it is not for all your clients and prospects.

The advisor will leave this presentation with a better understanding of how real estate investments can add diversification to your clients and prospect portfolios just like the other investments that you have in place for them.

They will learn that a real estate asset is subject to different influences than stocks and bonds, segregated funds, RRSPs etc.

The advisor will see the benefit of establishing a goal with the client to perhaps add a passive income stream while they assist with managing their other insurance and investments as well as an estate plan for any tax implications through the use of insurance products.

Presentation Overview

A financial advisor will learn about the clients' financial goals and devise a plan to help them attain them.

When looking for investment options for your clients and prospects, there are many choices for where to put their money. Stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and investing in real estate are all good investments that should be considered.

But for many Canadians, the majority of their wealth is held in personally owned real estate. Due to the nature of real estate, it is important to utilize financial & estate planning to realize optimum gain and minimize tax implications.

In this presentation. Christian will discuss the following:

* Avoid the Top 3 mistakes insurance advisors do that limit their sales
* Uncover additional insurance needs with your client's real estate investments.
* Add value by teaching clients how to break their wealth ceiling

Introducing Christian Dy B.Sc., B. Ed, MA, MBA

Christian is an award-winning educator, team leader, and financial advisor.

When Christian took over his father's business, he not only gained 40 years of experience but also brought his desire for helping his clients invest in real estate.

He realized that traditional financial advisors were only focusing on wealth in the stock market, which went against his philosophy of growing wealth.

His practice is now focused on working with clients who want to build their financial wealth in the real estate market. This is achieved with an integration of stock assets, combined with active and passive real estate investments.

His team can not only do traditional financial planning for clients but will also analyze and present new cash flowing real estate deals across Canada/US.

Christian has created a unique service for clients, incorporating real estate consulting to their traditional investments. His new book (Breaking Your Wealth Ceiling) soon to be released teaches clients how to break their wealth ceiling by investing in cash flowing assets, such real estate. His practice entails a fee for service, which has doubled his insurance sales over the past 2 years, while creating exponential wealth for his clients.

When Christian is not advising clients or giving financial workshops, he can be found analyzing real estate investments, creating financial education videos for his YouTube channel, and volunteering locally and abroad with his philanthropic projects.

Some of Christians recent awards

* Awarded the Outstanding Educator Award from the BCAMT Association
* Ranked as the Top Living Benefits Advisor for PPI BC
* Presently Ranked Top 1% of Living Benefits Advisors for PPI BC
Christian Dy B.Sc, B.Ed, MA, MBA


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