Monday September 18, 2023


 7:45 AM Sharp - 8:00 AM

Your Emcee For The Conference
Introducing Mike Englert BA, B.Ed., EPC - Founding CIEPS Faculty Member, CIEPS Compliance Officer

Between 1981 and 2002, Mike developed and marketed insurance and investment products, in both Canada and the United States, for such companies as Manulife, Canada Life and Royal & SunAlliance. During most of his career he focused on the ultra-affluent and 60+ market segments. In 2002,

Mike and his wife Joan - both still in their forties and with young children at home - traded in their careers for what has proven to be a very comfortable retirement.

Mike is a founding member of both the Canadian and American Initiatives for Elder Planning Studies. He is an accomplished speaker who has spoken at hundreds of diverse events across both Canada and the United States. His talks focus on: the fiscal challenges of an aging population, the financial obstacles in the way of a healthy retirement, and the secrets to effectively marketing to and connecting with the elder population.


8:00 AM - 9:00 AM


Building Bigger & Better: How Estate Planning Grows Your Business and Serves Your Clients. Presented by Daniel Collison - Sponsored by Advice2Advisors

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

This presentation will appeal to the advisor who wants to increase their business by thinking like a top producer and offering their Estate Planning services to the wealthy Canadian demographic that they may not currently be servicing.

Increased Business Development, Estate Planning, Professional Responsibility and Know Your Product skills will be an immediate and usable benefit of this presentation.

Presentation Overview

One of the best ways to tap into the HNW market is through Estate Planning. But estate planning is so much more than death and taxes. It's about the emotions, the psychology, the family and, critically, the legacy that your clients and prospects want to leave.

You can ensure the clients legacy with the Estate Planning process that you review with them and get wealthier clients at the same time.

In this presentation, Dan will show you how to:

* Supercharge Your Prospecting with Estate Planning.
* Attract More HNW Referrals and Introductions through Estate Planning.
* Integrate Tax-Efficient Estate Planning into Your Practice.
* Master the "Estate Planning Process.
* Learn the Art of Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer Strategies.
* Gain Wealthier Clients with Estate Planning.
* Learn to Monetize Estate Planning.

Introducing Daniel Collison BA, CFP, TEP, Keynote Speaker, Author, Industry Expert and Managing Partner at Advice2Advisors

Daniel Collison has over 30 years in the financial services industry.

Dan is the co-founder and Managing Partner in the financial education firm Advice2Advisors, which trains, mentors and coach's financial advisors of all tenures.

Dan is a CFP, TEP and has taught Personal Financial Management, in the MBA Program at the Schulich School of Business since 1998 and is the author of The Financial Advisor's Guide to Excellence and Building Bigger & Better: Growth Strategies of Top-Producing Financial Advisors.

Dan regularly presents keynotes and trains advisors across North and South America.
Mr. Daniel Collison, BA, CFP, TEP

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Participating Life Insurance As A Liquid Asset Presented by Alex Lekas BA Econ, CFP - Sponsored by iA Financial Group

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

In this presentation, the advisor will learn that the death benefit of a life insurance policy is considered a liquid asset to the beneficiaries who successfully claim it. Once claimed, the payout is cash that can be used for any purpose.It's no longer tied up in the policy, making it even more liquid than when the insured was still alive.

Presentation Overview

Alex will discuss and review Corporate Insurance needs, with respect to protecting the value of the business, reducing overall business taxes, while maintaining access to liquidity. He will also touch on overall estate planning, and which insurance solutions (from basic Term Insurance all the way to leveraged participating whole life) best suit the overall objective of the client.

Introducing Alex Lekas BA Econ, CFP Director of Sales iA Financial Group

Alex has been in the Financial Services Industry for 21 years. Upon graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a BA in Economics in 1997, he began his career in sales within the P&C division of the Co-Operators Insurance Company.

In 2001, he moved to London Life to become a Financial Advisor.

In 2006, he made the move to the independent broker network where he continued to grow his practice and became a CFP in 2010.

Alex accepted the position of Director of Sales with iA Financial Group in 2012. Since then, he has been busy forging new relationships with advisors and agencies
Mr. Alex Lekas B. A. Econ, CFP

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
The Positive Impact Of Adding Living Benefits To Your Portfolio. Presented by Robert Watson & Perry Wong CPA, CA - Sponsored by Combined Insurance

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

This presentation will increase the advisor's knowledge, focusing on simple Living Benefit solutions that they can use with their clients and prospects during the financial retirement and estate planning strategy processes.

This product knowledge and positioning will contribute to the business development process of the advisor so that they are in a better position to protect their client's and prospects against any unexpected curve ball that life has a tendency to throw them.

Presentation Overview

This session will share our rich history, our mission and the impact of adding living benefits to increase your book of business.

Robert and Perry will address some unique solutions by using Living Benefits (other than traditional Critical illness and Disability insurance) to protect your client's ability to pay their "bills" in the event of an accident or sickness.

They will discuss tips on how to increase your book of business by using the programs that you are licensed to sell.

Introducing Robert Watson Vice-President, Agency Divisional Manager, Achievers Division

Robert has over 36 years of experience in the industry, his experience includes sales and leadership roles in agency distribution and group voluntary across the country.

He is currently VP, Agency Divisional Manager, managing the Agency along with the broker channel.

Introducing Perry Wong CPA, CA

Perry Wong, a Chartered Accountant, seasoned Wealth Manager and enterprising Corporate Executive committed to reshaping the current insurance industry.

Mr. Wong began his illustrious career in the financial service industry 23 years ago as a Chartered Accounting at one of Canada's prestigious accounting firms.

His ravenous desire to help the average Canadian family led him to pursue certifications in Wealth Management and Tax-Advantaged Investment Strategy. Using his vast experience as a Chartered Accountant, Mr.Wong proceeded to provide an unparallel level of service within several of Canada's top financial institutions.

His relentless work ethic drove him to the pinnacle of the financial service industry where he did the unthinkable. He walked away from his storied career and struck a new path which would change the trajectory of thousands of lives.

In September of 2015, Mr. Wong officially joined a legacy insurer by the name of Combined Insurance. This century-old institution could not have possibly guessed the events which would ensue. Seizing the virtually untapped need for "living benefits" in a market saturated by life insurance, Mr. Wong built the most prolific organization in company history.

On the road to national dominance, his team grew to over 180 licensed agents responsible for producing over $4.5 Million in Annualized Premium since mid-2016. His organization holds the company record for largest APV production in a single week with over $220,000.00. His personal success can only be compared to the abundance of accomplishments that furnishes his team members which entail several 6 figure earners.

In addition to his impressive professional resume, Mr.Wong is a staunch family man who loves traveling with his wife and two beautiful children. He is also a proud former President of the Forest Hill Lion Club.
Robert Watson

Perry Wong

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Creating Client Conversations About Debt, Spending And Insurance Lending. Presented by Lysa Fitzgerald CFP & Victor Stranges - Sponsored by Manulife Bank

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

In this presentation, the advisor will expand on their retirement, estate and financial planning strategies that can be used with their clients and prospects as another option to assist in establishing an insurance need that can be covered by using the advisors' recommended solutions for the problems that are uncovered.

Presentation Overview

Lysa Fitzgerald, Manulife Bank's Vice Preside of Sales, reveals the dramatic results of the latest Manulife Bank Financial Health Survey.

She will also help you build important client conversations where you can explain why their debt and spending activities impacts their ability to reach their overall financial goals.

This media generating survey goes behind the numbers to better understand how Canadians feel about their debt, rising inflation and interest rates driving up the cost of living and the challenges of saving for the future.

One often overlooked asset that may help reduce financial stress is permanent insurance. It's far more than an estate planning tool.

Lysa will show you how insurance lending options can help your clients meet financial challenges today and throughout their retirement. Build stronger relationships and a stronger business with Manulife Bank... The Partners' Bank.

Introducing Lysa Fitzgerald CFP Vice President Sales, Manulife Bank

Lysa Fitzgerald is Head of Sales for Manulife Bank and Trust. A member of Manulife Bank's Leadership Team, Lysa is responsible for the creation and delivery of a sales strategy that fuels the successful execution of the business goals. She works collaboratively with other Bank leaders and her Sales Leadership Team to drive retail and business sales growth through our advisor, broker and direct channels, and cultivates a high performing sales team where people build their careers and realize their potential.

Prior to joining Manulife in 2012, Lysa honed her deep financial and wealth management knowledge in several senior leadership roles at TD Bank. She has more than 25 years of private and business banking experience in the financial services industry, focused on high-net-worth clients. A recognized change leader, Lysa helped lead the implementation of a new business banking structure at TD Bank and has implemented several private lending pilot programs at Manulife Bank.

Lysa serves as executive sponsor of Manulife Bank's Diversity and Inclusion committee and was one of the founding chairs for Manulife's Global Women's Alliance (GWA) Kitchener/Waterloo/Oakville chapter.

Lysa earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western. She has also been a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) since 2004.

Introducing Victor Stranges Head of Private Banking

With more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, Victor brings a long history of expertise to his position as National Head of Private Banking.

Victor's extensive banking experience has focused on commercial and personal lending with a strong record of meeting the needs of high-net-worth clients. During his time at Manulife Bank, Victor held senior leadership roles including Head of the Bank's Credit Department and AVP, Business and Personal Lending Services. Prior to joining the Private Banking team, Victor held the role of National Director, Business Banking which was focused on growing sales of Insurance Leverage strategies and commercial mortgage financing.

Victor holds a Bachelor of Business degree from York University.

A sports enthusiast, Victor enjoys participating in team fundraisers for a variety of causes. Victor lives in Mississauga with his wife and their daughter.
Ms. Lysa Fitzgerald, CFP

Mr. Victor Stranges


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

5 Sure Fire Ways To Get More Prospects And Appointments, And How to Sell Your Products Like Van Sells His! Presented by Jim Ruta & Van Mueller - Sponsored by Advisorcraft Media & SOLIS

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

In this presentation, the advisor will build on their practice management & business development skills through conversation and case studies.

When this foundation of the advisor's financial advising skills are in place, the advisor can then provide estate, financial & tax planning solutions to their prospects and clients by recommending the proper insurance solutions.

The ideas and concepts covered in this presentation will be useful to either the insurance or investment advisor.

Presentation Overview

Van Mueller has 35 to 50 sales meetings each week, 8 months of the year, year in, year out. Ever wonder how he does it? Would it beneficial for your business if you could use the same approach to even double or triple the appointments you get? What would that mean to you financially?

Jim Ruta and Van Mueller are back! Not with a presentation of WHAT you can do to get more prospects and meetings but an explanation of HOW you can do it. This is the beginning of the "Know Your Client" process that will lead to the financial, estate and retirement planning , so that you can establish the need and solve the problem with the products you can market.

Like Van says, we don't have a sales problem, we have an appointment problem. More appointments obviously mean more sales and Jim has deconstructed Van's approach to show you HOW you can get them too. Van will explain the 5 ways he uses to generate a ton of prospects and even have them calling him. That's why he is always 100 appointments behind and never at a loss for someone to see. The great thing is that you can use his approach in your business to get many more appointments than you are getting today - and drive up your income.

Then, as a bonus, Jim will explain the sales strategy Van uses so that you too can squeeze more appointments in a day. It's what Jim calls "The Simple Sales Success Pyramid" - it's compliant and compelling at the same time. Imagine. He'll explain it and show you how Van can get a sale in 15 minutes or move on. Less time per appointment means more possible appointments. It's how Van can SHOW his ideas to more people every day and YOU CAN TOO. It's such a simple approach that anyone can use it and have more meetings and more sales each week.

Finally, as the ultimate bonus, Van and Jim will do a breakout session for your questions on prospecting or any sales strategies, case studies or practice management issues, that pertain to your estate, retirement or overall financial planning processes. This is a program that you'll never forget. See you there!

Introducing Jim Ruta BA RHU EPC

Jim Ruta is president of Advisorcraft Media and a tactical sales coach, helping life insurance agents maximize their performance. He has spoken four times at the MDRT Annual Meeting, including on the Main Platform, has written four books and is a regular columnist in industry magazines. His crusade is to preserve, promote and propel the noble profession of selling life insurance.  

Jim's Advisorcraft Masterclasses and unique Power of Platinum mentoring and coaching program draw hundreds of people from around the world. He is also principal of SOLIS - School of Life Insurance Selling, featuring the sales secrets of world-class advisors, and is the co-founder and host of the Canada Sales Congress in Toronto, the largest one-day life insurance sales event in North America. 

Introducing Van Mueller LUTCF, LACP Registered Representative

January 23, 2023, marked Van's 50th year as a life insurance agent. He is an active member of MDRT having qualified for Court of the Table in 1990 and Top of The Table for the last 33 years.

Van was awarded the Milwaukee NAIFA Distinguished Service Award for 2003. And in 2010 Van was the proud recipient of the A. Jack Nussbaum Distinguished Service Award for NAIFA - Wisconsin. He has also qualified for the National Sales Achievement Award, the National Quality Award, the Health Insurance Quality Award, and has qualified many times for the National Association of Health Underwriters Leading Producers Round Table. Van was selected by Senior Market Advisor Magazine as the 2010 Advisor of the Year.

Van supports many industry organizations. In addition to membership in the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors and Million Dollar Round Table, he is also a member of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, an Emissary Contributor to IFAPAC and a Diamond Knight of the Million Dollar Round Table Foundation. Van has spoken to groups around the world, including being main-platform speaker at MDRT in 1998 Chicago and the Main Platform speaker at the 2001 Top of The Table Meeting Maui, HI. Van was a Main Platform Speaker at the 2003, 2005, 2009, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 NAIFA Conventions. He was a speaker at MDRT and at the NAIFA Convention for 2006, and again in 2007, 2010, 2011, 2018, 2019 and 2020. He was a main platform speaker for the MDRT Experience in Tokyo, Japan in April of 2008.

He has also written many articles for various publications, including "The Close" for Retirement Advisor magazine. Van has a web-based monthly newsletter subscription that many agents find an invaluable resource for their practice. Van believes that the next decade will be "The Greatest Time Ever" for Insurance and Financial Service Professionals!
Mr. Van Muller, LUTCF, LACP Mr. Jim Ruta, BA, RHU, EPC
1:00 PM - SCAN Out and Adjourn 

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