12.  Economics of Insurance & Investments

This Course Provides:

5 Hours - Life & A&S License
5 General - RIBO Management

Also valid if you reside in QC


Recognition number: CSF11-07-25647

Number of PDUs: 5

Number of PDUs and topics:
5 in General subject
3 in Insurance of persons


This course covers:

An introduction to Economics and why it is important for the Financial Advisor

  • The study of Microeconomics determining what we pay for services and products and  Macroeconomics
    – how economics affect Countries and their relationships with other Countries.

  • The Law of Supply and Demand

  • The CPI and the effect on the Canadian economy.

  • The effects of the impact of unemployment and a changing business cycles.

  • The study of inflation and it’s correlation to your clients investment strategies.

  • How the Financial Advisor can help their clients and prospects when they are
    considering the various investments available.

  • The social and economic value of insurance

  • Understanding Insurance and the shared responsibility

  • Micro-insurance

  • Mitigation of loss

  • Insurance and Systemic Risk

  • Insurance—A stabilizer in the last crisis

  • Government’s Role in Insurance

  • Behavioural economics and insurance

  • Poor Insurance Decisions

  • Financial markets and investments - investing in the Money, Bond and Equity markets.

  • Investment objectives

  • How returns on investments are arrived at.

  • Tax deferred investment plans.

  • The various types of risks that the Advisor must let their clients and prospects know about before investing

  • Debt and Equity markets

  • Present value vs. future values of money.

  • Investments and their various forms of taxation.

  • Definitions that the advisor should know. 

In short, this course should help insurance professionals (in life and accident and sickness)
better understand the economic importance of insurance - by describing how it helps:

  • mitigate loss

  • generate savings and investment capital

  • create the conditions necessary for other productive economic activities

  • facilitate "supply"

  • fuel "demand"

  • support "trade"

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