This Course Provides:

5 Hours - Life & 5 Hours A&S License
5 Hours - Life Only in Alberta

Also valid if you reside in QC 

Recognition number: CSF15-03-33682
Number of PDUs: 5

Number of PDUs and topics:

2 in General subject

1 in Group savings plan brokerage

1 in Insurance of persons

1 in Group insurance of persons

This course covers:

  • The realities of Retirement Planning.

  • The six steps of the retirement planning process.

  • Some updated facts and figures about retirement and planning.

  • The Baby Boomers and why planning for the future is important.

  • Retirement planning in the early years – “The Early, Early Years.”

  • 2012 Government sources of C.P.P., Q.P.P., OAS and their planning features.

  • Registered Retirement Plans, Annuities, LIFs, IPPs, RCAs, LRIFs and RRIFs.

  • The many types of Corporate sponsored retirement plans.

  • Advantages & disadvantages of corporate retirement plans.

  • Home Buyers Plans, RESP`s, and other tax – advantaged plans.

  • RRSP and corporate retirement plan contribution limits.

  • Mutual Funds (Investment Funds) and other Variable contracts.

  • Mutual fund maturity benefits, limitations, death benefits, reset options, transfers, deferred sales charges,
    and management expense ratios.

  • Segregated funds.

  • Life insurance as a retirement funding vehicle.

  • Lifelong Learning Plans – LLPs.

  • Taxation as it pertains to retirement.


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