22. How Divorce Affects Your Clients & Prospects

This Course Provides:

hours Life & 6 hours A&S
6 hours General Credits valid for Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia

This course is designed to provide the agent / broker /financial advisor with the knowledge
required to interact with and make recommendations to people who are divorced.  

All insurance professionals will benefit from this course.

We will discuss briefly the division of property, custody and access and child maintenance
and the impact that it has on the financial services industry. 

This course will cover such topics as:

  • An overview and introduction to divorce in Canada.
  • What is the impact and consequences of divorce on the individual?
  • What is considered grounds for divorce in Canada?
  • We will emphasize that planning is the key, with the intent of preserving the assets.
  • What importance / role does the Insurance professional have with the divorced couple?
  • How the professional / advisor can remain ethical working with both parties during divorce?
  • We will look at how to determine the current financial position using “Net Worth” statements, and “Cash Flow” charts.
  • We will look at how important it is to set goals now that the person has gone through the divorce.
  • Protecting the financial assets of both parties.
  • How to find and contact the necessary professionals will be discussed, including the General insurance profession.
  • Now that a person is divorced, the need for retirement planning for the future is more important.
  • What happens to the business owned by both spouses?
  • Insurance products, Estate Planning and Health Insurance will be looked at to fill any gap left by the divorce.
  • The importance credit plays during a divorce.




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