25. Money Laundering

This Course Provides:

5 Hours - Life & A&S License
5 Hours General License 
4 Hour - Life & A&S License - Manitoba Only

Also valid if you reside in QC

Recognition number: CSF15-03-33687 
Number of PDUs: 5
Number of PDUs and topics:
5 in Compliance

This course will cover such topics as:

This course introduces the Financial Advisors and General Insurance Brokers to money
laundering and the damage it can do to your profession. 

Definitions, processes and sources of funds pertaining to money laundering will be looked at in detail
throughout the course. It will also address the role of professionals when money laundering is suspected.

It will help you understand what money laundering is and provide you with information on how to identify
probable money laundering activities.  You will also learn how to protect you, your clients and your associates.

In addition, you will learn about current money laundering regulations and your obligations to comply
under existing and future legislation.


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