32. Financial and Estate Planning for clients and families with special needs

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4 Hours - Life & A&S License

Also valid if you reside in QC

Recognition number: CSF17-10-40487 
Number of PDUs: 5
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1 in General subject
3 in Insurance of persons
1 in Group insurance of persons

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This self-study course will show you how to advise and assist families with family members with disabilities and special needs. It explores the issues that accountants and financial advisors will need to discuss with your families or with friends of special needs individuals with disabilities. In order to maximize available benefits and to plan for lifelong care, especially after the parents have passed on, specific planning tools such as Henson Trusts are needed. Insurance funding for trusts is a standard part of the estate plan. Disability-related tax credits must be put in place, the recently rolled out Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs) must be considered and Lifetime Benefit Trusts to receive RRSPs and RRIFs on a tax-free basis must be anticipated.

This chapter will show you how to make sure that your clients have peace of mind about their estate arrangements to provide for children with disabilities, how to recapture between $5,000 and $20,000 of their tax dollars and how to reduce or remove taxation on RRSPs and RRIFs on death.

At a very conservative minimum, one Canadian family household in eight is either the parent or the sibling household of a person with severe disabilities who receives provincial disability benefits. In Ontario alone there are more than 500,000 households who fall into this statistic.

This does not include all of the people with disabilities who do not receive provincial supports, such as those receiving financial and other supports from workplace disability pensions, personal injury structured settlements and Canada Pension Plan disability benefits.

Any professional advisor who has not identified this core concern for those families has failed the "know your cilent" test; they have also lost the opportunity to assist these families in the course of their practice, which is a lost business opportunity.  


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