This Course Provides:

5 Hours - Life & A&S License
5 General - RIBO Management

Also valid if you reside in QC


Recognition number: CSF15-03-33685

Number of PDUs: 5

Number of PDUs and topics:
2 in General subject
3 in Insurance of persons

This course covers:

  • Overview of various Business insurance solutions.

  • The different types of Business insurance and how to determine eligibility.

  • The solutions to the four Ds of a business exit.

  • Business Collateral Loan Insurance to protect any business liability.

  • Where to find the available capital to make the business grow.

  • Specialized BDC solutions.

  • The ins and outs of receiving financing from a bank.

  • Examples of bank loan packages.

  • Death of the owner or other key person.

  • The purpose of Key person insurance as a business solution and how to arrive at the right amount.

  • Individually & corporate owned insurance.  Which option is better for the business owner?

  • Buy-Sell agreements - Funded or non-funded? What forms are available? How much should the buy-sell be written for?

  • Disability and Critical Insurance buy-outs to protect the business owner and their family. What structures are available?

  • Transfer of shares in a business structure.

  • Split Dollar options and funding for the business owner.

  • The effects of taxation on the various forms of Business Insurance coverage.


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