This Course Provides:

6 Hours - Life & A&S License
6 Hours - General - RIBO Management
6 Hours - Life Only in Alberta

Also valid if you reside in QC


Recognition number: CSF11-08-25644

Number of PDUs: 6

Number of PDUs and topics:
2 in General subject
4 in Insurance of persons


This course covers;

  • An introduction to estate planning and the number of issues surrounding the process that require attention.

  • A review of the many estate planning techniques.

  • The definition of estate planning and how the five steps will assist in the process.

  • Inter Vivos Trusts.

  • Testamentary Trusts.

  • Transfers of property at death.

  • Why a well thought out will is essential to keeping the estate intact.

  • The effective use of beneficiary designations.

  • Why a will should be reviewed on a regular basis.

  • The appointing of Executors / Executrix and their responsibilities.

  • The process of estate administration.

  • Probate rules, fees and issues in Canada.

  • Dying intestate.

  • Canadian and US Tax issues minimization of taxes during life and at death.

  • Shareholder Agreements at death.

  • Capital Gains, RRIFs and RRSPs at death, and how to minimize them using trusts etc.

  • Charitable gifting and why it is important in the estate planning process.

  • Importance of Life Insurance in estate planning.


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