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Pro-Seminars is an all Canadian company based in beautiful Beamsville, Ontario.

Specializing in continuing education and training designed specifically for Insurance and Financial Services Professionals, Pro-Seminars is a leader in their field.
Pro-Seminars is primarily noted for its "Comfortable & Affordable" CE credit seminars, online CE credit self study courses and training courses. Courses and seminars are conducted/available across Canada and on an annual basis there is an out of country CE Credit Seminar which is held in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Continuing Education Credits earned by using any Pro-Seminars service are valid anywhere in *Canada where Continuing Education credits are required, regardless of where you attained the credits. ON MB SK AB BC & Las Vegas.

  Pro-Seminars holds Self Accrediting Course Provider status for:

Alberta Insurance Council - Life, Accident & Sickness, General, Adjuster

Life Insurance Council of Saskatchewan (LICS)

General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan GICS)

Pro-Seminars is recognized by:

Insurance Council of British Columbia - Life

Insurance Council of British Columbia - General


Life Insurance Council of Manitoba (ICM)

General Insurance Council of Manitoba 

All other Provinces where CE is requiired.

  Pro-Seminars is accredited by: 
Registered Insurance Brokers Ontario - General Insurance

Continuing Education credits earned using a Pro-Seminars service are valid for:
Life and A&S Insurance license renewal
General (P&C) license renewal - Some courses and seminars apply and are noted

Approved CE credits for Advocis

FPSC – Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

CFP Designation “Verifiable” CE credits - NOTE - max 7 hours CE credits daily.

As per the below, these CE Credits could be used for any of the following – Financial Planning, Practice Management, Professional Responsibility, Product Knowledge or Giving Back as per the definition of each.

Upon our investigation, we found that it is not necessary, or is it a requirement for any provider of CE credits to submit their CE offerings to be “approved” by FPSC.  We as so many other providers, fall into the “verifiable” category that the FPSC will accept.

FPSC leaves it up to the individual to determine if the content meets the CFP CE requirements. This is very evident and can be found on the FPSC website here - CFP CE Credit Rules.

On the FPSC website, it states - “FPSC recognizes that thereare a number of CE opportunities for CFP professionals and FPSC Level 1 certificates and that not all of these will be approved through the FPSC CE Approval  Program.  You may meet your annual CE requirement through these opportunities as long as the activities meet the requirements outlined in these guidelines.” Certainly if you can map it back to the CFP Competency Profile, then you may feel confident that it meets the requirement.” 

To further reinforce the above, Pro-Seminars received the following email from Max Grubyy, Development Specialist at the FPSC on July 30, 2015 which states…

“FPSC undoubtedly appreciates the long standing relationship we have with you (Pro-Seminars) as a CE provider, although not formally approved. As you well noted, the program is not mandatory and CFP professionals are free to self-assess the courses they take to match the appropriate categories.

FPSC - CFP Designation Verifiable CE credits - These CE Credits could be used a specific amount for the following CE categories of CE credits - Financial Planning, Practice Management, Professional Responsibility, Product Knowledge or Giving Back as per the definition of each.” 

The Investment Dealers Association (IDA) is now referred to as the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization in Canada (IIROC). Please see the IIROC website for information on credit requirements for Cycle 6 beginning January 1, 2015 and ending December 31, 2017

Any CE credits earned from Pro-Seminars may qualify for professional development credits upon review from individual member firms, as per the guidelines outlined by IIROC.  

Request for certification/eligibility should be taken to individual member firms' education and compliance review officers.

Pro-Seminars seasoned, experienced and professional educators and trainers will help you achieve your goals.

We invite you to join the many individual and corporate clients that have used Pro-Seminars to effectively meet their needs.

Our guarantee to you is simple:
We will provide high quality education, training and materials at the lowest price possible.

President, Pro-Seminars




203-4438 Ontario Street,  Beamsville, ON Canada L0R 1B5

Toll Free Phone 877 524-7121 Toll Free Fax 866 277-4511


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Pro-Seminars is Canada's leading provider of education, training and materials for Insurance and Financial Services Professionals.
Pro-Seminars is an approved and accredited education provider specializing in 2-day 15 CE credit seminars and online CE courses.