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What's Included with my registration?

Our two day seminar packages all Include:

  • All Seminar material

  • TAX (You pay ONE price No hidden fees or extras)

  • FREE Parking

  • Continental Breakfast

  • Buffet Lunch!

  • Many Door Prizes

Receipt and CE Certificate e mailed to you immediately following the seminar (NO WAITING forever or chasing around trying to get your certificate)

How much do the Seminar's Cost me?

The regular price for our Two Day Seminar Package is ONLY - $159.00 TAX INCLUDED!

Early Bird special - Register (and pay) 2 weeks prior to the seminar start and get $10.00 off.
The Early Bird price $149.00 TAX INCLUDED!

Can I attend for one of the two days and still get credit for attending?

Can't make it for 2 days? Attend 1-day of any 2-day seminar ONLY $99.00 or register early and pay $89.00 + Tax

When registering please state the date that you will be attending and that you will only be there for 1 day.

First day of any 2-day seminar = 8 CE Credit hours
Second day of any 2-day seminar = 7 CE Credit hours

Support Staff or Administration person may attend for 2 days @ $85.00 + TAX
No certificate will be given.

When do I pay?


Hey! The agenda's empty, or not quite full! What's up with that?

We ALWAYS have a full agenda so don't be concerned if some spots are not filled in on the agenda you are looking at they will be as soon as we update the web site. You can click on any agenda and get a feeling for what you will hear at the seminar that you want to attend.

Did I register? I can't remember can you confirm that for me?

Yes we can confirm your registration - please send an e mail to Click here to e mail and we will give you a prompt reply.

Where do I get my certificate now that I've finished my seminar?

You will receive your certificate of completion right after the seminar it will be sent to you by e mail.

Please DO NOT LOSE YOUR CERTIFICATE because we must charge $25.00 to reissue a certificate.

I have not received my certificate yet, how do I contact you to get it?

This could happen if the e mail address we have on file for you is invalid. Simply e mail us and we will send it immediately.


I am doing the online courses - What should I do if I forget my password or my User ID?

When you register with Pro-Seminars, you always receive an email "Your Pro-Seminars self study receipt and instructions " which includes your User ID and password information along with complete instructions for completing your courses. Please keep this e mail handy because you may want to refer back to it later.

If you have forgotten your User ID or password, please contact our help department at 877 524-7121, or simply e mail us at and we will get right back to you.

If I don't pass the test is there a charge for taking a course again? -
If you do not attain a mark of 70% (after reading the material) or better on your first try at the test just do it again there is NO charge to re-do the test.

I had to stop and close my test, what happened to my answers?
If you do not totally complete the test when you start it and print your certificate you will need to start over again by logging into your course and clicking on the online test button. In other words if you start your test make sure you complete it and make sure you are hooked up to a printer to print your certificate.

Can I start and stop then go back into my course later?
You can go in and out of the courses as often as you like once you receive your username and password. We do not track anything until you have passed the test and printed your certificate.

I notice that my username and password still work but I'm finished my course/s
We leave your username and password in place even after you have completed your course/s because you may want to do more. Feel free to carry on and do as many as you like using the same password. We will automatically debit your credit card and send you a receipt for the additional courses completed.
Note -
we usually leave your username and password active for about 3 months.

I tried to log into the course but the Policeman comes up asking me for more money?
This is a sign that you are probably not entering your username or password correctly please be sure to enter them EXACTLY as instructed because the password page is case sensitive this means if you use all capitals it will not work.
We sometimes need to reset the server for your username and password to work.
If you have followed the instructions correctly please call us directly at 877 524-7121 and we will get you started before you hang up!

Who are you anyway?

Pro-Seminars (Since 1998) is an all Canadian company based in beautiful Beamsville, Ontario.

Specializing in continuing education and training designed specifically for Insurance and Financial Services Professionals, Pro-Seminars is a leader in their field.
Pro-Seminars is primarily noted for it's "Comfortable & Affordable" 15 CE credit seminars, online CE credit self study courses and training courses.
Courses and seminars are conducted/available across Canada and on an annual basis there is an out of country 15 CE Credit Seminar.

Continuing Education Credits earned by using any Pro-Seminars service are valid anywhere in Canada where Continuing education credits are required, regardless of where you attained the credits. ON MB SK AB BC & Las Vegas.

Pro-Seminars is accredited by:

Registered Insurance Brokers Ontario - General Insurance
Insurance Council of British Columbia - General Insurance
Alberta Insurance Council - Life, Accident & Sickness, General & Adjuster.
Saskatchewan Insurance Council - General Insurance
Saskatchewan Insurance Council - Life Insurance
Insurance Council of Manitoba - Life Insurance
Approved courses for Quebec
All other provinces where CE credits are required

Credits Earned using a Pro-Seminars service are valid for:

Life Insurance license renewal
General (P&C) license renewal - Some courses and seminars apply and are noted
Designation maintenance (CFP technical category)

Pro-Seminars seasoned, experienced and professional educators and trainers will help you
achieve your goals.

We invite you to join the many individual and corporate clients that have used Pro-Seminars to effectively meet their needs.

Our guarantee to you is simple:
We will provide high quality education, training and materials at the lowest price possible.

   Tom Miller, President




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Toll Free Phone 877 524-7121 Toll Free Fax 866 277-4511

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Pro-Seminars is Canada's leading provider of education, training and materials for Insurance and Financial Services Professionals.
Pro-Seminars is an approved and accredited education provider specializing in 2-day 15 CE credit seminars and online CE courses.