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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
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Common Challenges for Critical Illness Insurance?

Mr. Micahel Liem
 Regional Vice-President

15 CE / 30 CE Webinar

Thursday August 11th 2022

1 PM - 2 PM (EST - Ontario Time)

How it Works  

Attend the 1 hour webinar and receive 1 CE credit. AB, MB & QC residents receive no CE credits for the webinar. Then choose between Option 1 OR Option 2.  

OPTION 1 - After the webinar, you can complete up to an additional 14 CE credits by using our Online Courses for a total of 15 CE credits. AB, MB & QC residents, you will receive access so that you can complete 15 CE Credits by using our Online CE credit courses.

Only: $109.00 + TAX  


OPTION 2 - After the webinar, you can complete up to an additional 29 CE credits by using our Online Courses for a total of 30 CE credits. AB, MB & QC residents, you will receive access so that you can complete 30 CE Credits by using our Online CE credit courses.

Only: $169.00 + TAX


Pro-Seminars is an all Canadian company based in beautiful Beamsville, Ontario.

We invite you to join the many individual and corporate clients that have used Pro-Seminars to effectively meet their needs.

Pro-Seminars is a leader in their field, specializing in continuing education and training designed specifically for Insurance and Financial Services Professionals since 1998. 

Our CE Credits

Continuing Education Credits earned by using any Pro-Seminars service are valid anywhere in Canada where Continuing education credits are required, regardless of where you attained the credits  -  BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC & Las Vegas, NV. 

If you are a resident of AB, MB & QC, your CE credits have to be approved by your Provincial Regulators.  Please check with your Provincial Regulatory bodies for any clarification on their reciprocal agreements with other Provinces, depending on the licenses that you hold.

Continuing Education Credits Earned using a Pro-Seminars service are valid for:

  • Life and A&S Insurance license renewal

  • General (P&C) license renewal for some Provinces - Some courses and seminars apply and are noted on your Certificate of Completion

  • Travel Insurance for some Provinces .

  Pro-Seminars holds Self Accrediting Course Provider status for:

  • AB - Alberta Accreditation Committee - Life, Accident & Sickness, General / Adjuster.

  • MB - Insurance Council of Manitoba - Life & General Insurance

  • SK - Life Insurance Council of Saskatchewan (LICS) - Life Insurance

  • SK - General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan (GICS) - General Insurance

Pro-Seminars is recognized by:

  • BC - Insurance Council of British Columbia - Life & General Insurance

  • ON - Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA)

  Pro-Seminars is accredited by:

Registered Insurance Brokers Ontario  (RIBO) - General Insurance

QC - Chambre de la securite financiere (CSF) for some courses

FP Canada Standards Council (FP Canada) - CFP Designation - FP Canada  Any CE credits earned from Pro-Seminars are considered "Verifiable" CE credits  and can be used for a specific amount of the following CE categories of CE credits - Financial Planning, Practice Management, Professional Responsibility, Product Knowledge or Giving Back as per the definition of each. FPSC leaves it up to the CFP designee to determine what category these CE credits will fall into. Please check the FP Canada website for more information.

Mutual Funds Dealer Association (MFDA ) - Cycle 1 - December 1, 2021 and ending November 30, 2023

Under the NEW Continuing Education (CE) program, MFDA advisors must earn 30 CE credits within each two-year cycle. These credits comprise eight business conduct credits (including ethics), 20 professional development credits and two MFDA-created compliance credits.

According to MFDA, if courses are already "Approved & Accredited" by the Chambre de la securite financiere (CSF), FP Canada or IIROC, Pro-Seminars is automatically "Approved & Accredited" by the MFDA.  We are instructed to use that accreditors approval number for the MFDA CE credit program.

Please see the approved courses here - MFDA Approved Courses

Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) - Any CE credits earned from Pro-Seminars may also be used to satisfy CE requirements, provided the member firm has reviewed the course/seminar to ensure it complies with the Compliance and Professional Development requirements as set out in CE Rule 2650. It is important that the course you are interested in satisfies the CE Rules. Once you provide your firm with the necessary course information, your firm can determine course eligibility. This information can be found on the IIROC website.

Advocis - Any CE credits earned from Pro-Seminars are considered "Approved" CE credits for Advocis.  Send your certificate to them so that these CE credits are included for your Advocis CE requirements.

Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) - CPAs require Continuing Professional Development courses annually from January 1 to December 31.

At the current time, no Provincial CPA chapter approves CPD courses. The various Canadian CPA Associations leave it up to the CPA to determine what continuing education courses they take as long as that fall into the criteria of "Any learning and development that is relevant and appropriate to a member's work, professional responsibilities, and growth as a CPA."

Check our courses out here - CPA CPD Courses to determine which ones fall into the CPA definition.

The legacy continues in memory of Tom Miller...  

Our Guarantee to You is Simple:  

"We will continue to provide high quality education, training and materials at the lowest price possible in Canada."

Alex Nicholson / Co-President  
Alex Nicholson  

Adam L Wyrcimaga / Co-President
Adam L Wyrcimaga




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